Generations Mental Health Center

5736 Manchester Highway, Morrison Tennessee 37357

Phone: (931) 815-3871

Fax: (931) 815-3876

Crisis Line: (800) 704-2651


Cookeville Office

1101 Neal Street, Suite 101

Cookeville, TN 38501

Phone: (931) 528-8593

Fax: (931) 528-8214


Tullahoma Office

1511 N. Jackson Street

Tullahoma, TN 37388

Phone: (931) 455-6213

Fax:(931) 455-6225


Martin Office

920 University Street

Martin, TN 38237

Phone:(731) 588-5829

Fax: (731) 588-5834


GMHC is dedicated to establishing and maintaining a standard of excellence in providing community behavioral health care and developmental services to citizens in the Middle Tennessee area in order to enhance the quality of life for those in need of such care and the family members of those served.

Area Covered by Generations Mental Health Center

Outpatient Services

Outpatient services include psychiatric evaluations and medication management services which allows consumers who are severely mentally ill (adult) or severely emotionally disturbed (child) obtain an adequate supply of necessary medication.

Outpatient services provided by GMHC include:


Individual Therapy


Group Therapy


Family Therapy


Psychiatric Services


Case Management Services



Residential Services

Assists the severely mentally ill population and individuals with dual diagnosis in securing adequate housing in order to assist within their treatment goal, of improving their lives, to the highest possible functioning level

Philosophy: A living situation that feels like home is often a primary source of stability and security in our lives. Nest-building is a powerful instinct; most people in the world today spend a great deal of time selecting their dwelling space, customizing and decorating, and establishing rules for relating to neighbors. Unfortunately, mental health professionals have generally overlooked the importance of these factors for people with psychiatric disabilities. Only recently have we begun to recognize that until people’s housing needs are met, other treatment or rehabilitation and interventions are seriously jeopardized.

An excerpt from an article entitled Normal Housing with Specialized Supports: A Psychiatric Rehabilitation Approach to Living in the Community

Transportation Services

GMHC is a licensed transportation vendor providing transportation services to qualified clients served by GMHC.

Preventive Services

GMHC plays a vital role in the community. It provides support and resources to the communities for mental health education, alcohol, tobacco, and other substance abuse prevention programs, activities, and events. GMHC works with all facets of a community in order to obtain a collaborative effort to identify problems and work together with a strategic prevention plan.

MOT Program (Mandatory Outpatient Treatment)

MOT generally refers to a court directing a person suffering from severe mental illness to comply with a specified, individualized treatment plan designed to prevent relapse and deterioration. This program provides a less restrictive alternative to inpatient care for individuals with severe mental illness.


Individual counseling services focus on the emotional/psychological needs of the client, addressed through one-on-one counseling, family, or group sessions.


Assists the severely mentally ill populations in gaining needed medical, educational, social, and other support services with a goal of improving their lives to the highest possible functioning level.

Case management wraparound one-time expenditures used in conjunction with case management services to help clients enhance their quality of life and develop independent living skills.


Prevents the incarceration of people suffering from a mental health problem pending an evaluation for treatment.

Generations Mental Health Center

Mission - Vision - Philosophy

GMHC is dedicated to meeting the mental health needs of its community and region. Consistent with its heritage, the center will work to provide a continuum of high quality mental health care and life enhancement services.

It is our belief that we heal in communities because we are social beings. Our mission is to assist clients to function at their highest possible level, while remaining in the community whenever possible.

In carrying out this mission, GMHC will emphasize personalized care, manage its human and financial resources in a professional, prudent and just manner, conduct appropriate education programs for staff and community, and nurture its sense of value and caring.

In all that we do, to all whom we serve, we promise care and compassion, dignity and respect, responsiveness and courtesy, and we will strive for excellence, consistent with the values on which GMHC was founded.

Generations Mental Health Center Board of Directors

David G. Gaither, Chairman of the Board/CEO

Patricia W. Gaither, Corporate Secretary

Kathy Campbell, President/CFO

James Campbell, VP of Operations

David W. Gaither, Human Resources Director


Morrison Mental Health Center

V.P. of Clinical Services

Joseph Stotts

Nurse Practitioner

Janet Hieber

Nurse Practitioner

Jordan LaMasters

Nurse Practitioner

Katherine McLendon


Lorie Gretzinger


Angela Redwine


Daniel Simpkins

Director of Nursing

Margie Wood


Rachel Seal


Sasha Orange

Office Manager / Medical Records

Krista Dillard

Receptionist / CMA

Kayla Maynard


Brianna Finger

Child and Adolescent Case Manager

Dave Davis

Out Patient Case Manager

Tracy Arnold

Transportation Coordinator

Peggy Rayas


Barbara Willis



Martin Mental Health Center

Regional V. P. of West TN

Kim Terrett

Nurse Practitioner

Bar-Bra Glisson

Nurse Practitioner

Julie Floyd

Nurse Practitioner

Tanci Parker

LPN / Medical Records

Nancy Forrester

Medical Records

Stacy Turbyville


Laura Tabada


Diana Fulcher


Amanda Lifsey


Suzi Mitchell

Office Manager

Vita Totty


Christy Prince

Case Manager

Megan Mitchell

IT Specialist

E.J. Mann

Director of Public and Government Relations

Lisa Norris



Tullahoma Mental Health Center


Cliff Gambrell

Nurse Practitioner

Jordan LaMasters


Dakka Partin

Case Manager

Eve Wright

Case Manager

Miranda Simmons

Case Manager

LaDella Nosek

Office Manager

Debra Jolly


Brandy Moore






Cookeville Mental Health Center

Executive Director / Therapist

Judy Johnson

Nurse Practitioner

Kaythi Soe

Case Manager

Paige Seymour


Doris Kendall

Medical Records

Jennifer Howard



Belinda Garrison


Holly Ledbetter

Case Manager

Michael Egly


Barbara Oakley






5736 Manchester Hwy, Morrison, TN, 37357

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