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Recognizing Strengths, Empowering Recovery


Welcome to the site of Generations/Gaither’s Group; a company committed to excellence in mental healthcare.

At Generations/Gaither’s Group we provide quality mental health services, including: residential treatment, supportive housing, long-term health care, outpatient therapy, and medication management. We have been improving the quality of life for our customers for over 20 years.

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News & Events

Activities for October
In the Generations Church Services, it is stressed that we are family and need to love and care for each other as families. The opportunity to share church experiences and worship time with the SR’s confirms the belief that SR’s do see themselves as family and that Generations endeavor to improve the lives of individuals with mental illness is being achieved.

Once again in September, the Generations Activity Directors provided a variety of activities that live up to the mission and values of the corporation to provide quality services that create a home for those who choose to let us provide them that home. Service Recipient’s confirm this with stories about how much they love their home and are thankful to have a home like Generations.

September activities have included sporting events, special movies, and bowling tournament challenges. The Middle Tennessee area had our annual Luau. It was great to see all the interaction with SR’s playing games eating and dancing. Boy there was some dancing going on!

The social activities continue to improve as they include competitive social activities between the houses and with public venues. This is a major step for recognizing strengths and empowering recovery. The SR’s appear to enjoy the interaction and conversation with people outside the company and is moving toward increased integration into the community.

As each area prepares for Halloween, the suspense is mounting to see what costumes the SR’s select. Again food, games, music and fellowship help the SR’s to have fun and to grow.

Winter is about here and now Activity Directors are looking toward Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many organizations and churches continue to support Generations and to help make sure that every resident has a blessed Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. If you, your church or your organization would like to get involved in the blessing it brings to give, please contact us.