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Supported Housing


Supported/Enhanced Housing

Supported Enhanced Housing Services refers to services rendered at facilities staffed (twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days a week) with associated mental health staff supports, for individuals who require treatment services and supports in a structured setting. These mental health services are for persons with serious and/or persistent mental illness (SPMI) and have as goals the following:

Structured living in a community environment

Preparation for more independent living in the community

Linkage to outpatient mental health services and other health care as needed

Involvement in recreational activities

Dietary Management

Placement near family, other support systems, and original areas of residence

Supported housing services are designed to work with the service recipient on possible reintegration into independent community living. The service recipient receives daily care that is based upon meeting the daily housing, recreational, and medical (Psychiatric/Medical) needs of the SR. There is at least a one to eight active duty staff ratio at all times in this level of care. There is also an increased emphasis at this level of care on activity participation and the need for the SR to become involved in his or her own community. This activity involvement facilitates the development of natural supports in the community which serves to facilitate the SR’s integration into his or her community. Enhanced Housing services are designed as a step-down level of care for SPMI population individuals that have successfully completed ARTF level of care and are in the process of transitioning down to Supportive housing. Therefore, Enhanced Housing focuses more on bridging the gap between the ARTF and Supportive. In an Enhanced Treatment setting there is continued emphasis on treatment (Environment and Medicinal) as in ARTF. However, there is also an increased emphasis to begin to reintegrate the SR into the community as exists in Supportive Housing. In Enhanced Housing there is at least a 2 to eight active staff ratio at all times.